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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Memory of Father Solanus

September 29, 2009

Memorial: A letter in memory of Father Solanus.

Dear Father Solanus,
In March of 1941, I had an attack of iritis in my left eye. The discomfort was intense and stubborn. I was seen by a number of ophthalmologists as well as M.D.s at Presbyterian Hospital in Chicago. Clinical work revealed a low grade infection of undulant fever. I consulted a veterinary named Dr. Huddleson and began injections of a serum he had developed.

At one time during the iritis siege, my husband and I visited you when you lived in Detroit on Mount Elliot. We heard of the power of your prayers. You were very reassuring and prayed with us. You pressed your thumb on your tongue and then anointed my eyes and prayed for my recovery.

Our visit gave us hope. I didn’t experience instant recovery, but I did experience a gradual improvement, my sight was saved! Thank you Father Solanus!
Thank you for all the people whose lives you’ve touched with your patient listening, gentle counseling and loving prayers.
I believed then and I believed now that your were a holy man ordained by God to be a friend to His children.

With Loving Appreciation,

Eileen Hughes

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